The owner of the online shop is:

Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o.

I. General provisions

1. The regulations determine terms and conditions of purchasing goods from the Online Shop that is managed by Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. situated in Nagawczyna 109c, 39-200 Dębica, Poland, registered at the National Court Register (KRS) kept by District Court in Rzeszów, Commercial Department XII, filed under the KRS number 0000065402, VAT Registration no. PL 8722076235, hereinafter referred to as “Olimp,” operating from: (hereinafter referred to as: “Online Shop”).
2. The Online Shop accepts orders from all countries of the European Union except Malta, Cyprus, Isle of Man, Isle of Wright, Canary Islands, Azores and Madeira.
3. A person placing an order (hereinafter referred to as: “Customer”) with Online Shop is obliged to familiarize themselves with the Regulations.
4. Ignorance of the Regulations does not exempt the Customer from the terms and conditions set out herein.
5. When an order is place by the Customer, he automatically agree to all terms and conditions as stated in the Regulations.
6. Orders can be placed by any person who is legally capable or a non corporate entity that has an email account, and full legal capacity.
7. The person placing an order must be at least 18 years old and have full legal capacity. In case of minors, consent from a parent or legal guardian is required.

II. Prices and delivery costs

1. All prices in the Online Shop are given in euro (EUR), British pounds (GBP) or US dollars (USD), and include VAT (the gross price). The price of each goods is binding at the time of order the placement by the Customer.
2. The Customer shall select the preferred payment method available in the Online Shop:


 a) cash on delivery (COD)
 b) advance payment – via PayPal,
 c) advance payment – with a payment card via the eCard system; accepted payment cards:
 - Visa,
 - Visa Electron,
 - MasterCard,
 - MasterCard Electronic,
 - Maestro,
 d) advance payment – via bank transfer to one of the following OLIMP LABORATORIES Sp. z o.o. accounts:

 - payment in euro (EUR)
 Kosciuszki 6
 PL-39-200 Dębica
 IBAN: PL88124047641978000048614421

 - payment in British pounds (GBP)
 Kosciuszki 6
 PL-39-200 Dębica
 IBAN: PL56124048071789001024344684

 - payment in US dollars (USD)
 Kosciuszki 6
 PL-39-200 Dębica
 IBAN: PL57124047641787000048617060

3. Delivery by – courier.
4. Delivery is only possible within the territory of the European Union, with the exception of the territories listed in paragraph I.2 of these Regulations.
5. Presented prices of goods do not include delivery costs.
6. The Customer shall bear the delivery costs.
7. Delivery costs are automatically added to the price of an order, depending on the value of an order
 a) up to 60 EUR (60 GBP ) (gross price) – delivery cost: 10 EUR ( 9 GBP ) (gross price),
 b) over 60 EUR (60 GBP ) (gross price) – delivery cost: 0 EUR ( 0 GBP) (gross price)
8. In case of “cash on delivery (COD)” as a payment method, an additional fee – 8 EUR ( 7 GBP ) is added to the delivery costs, regardless of the value of the order.
9. Olimp reserves the right to change the prices of goods on offer. The change of price will not affect orders placed prior to the change. Olimp also reserves the right to withdraw individual goods from the goods offered.

III. Conditions of placing and realizing orders

1. When placing an order in our Online Shop, it is necessary for the Customer to register his or her data in our database, and activate the account by the activation link sent to the e-mail address specified by the Customer in the registration form.
2. To place an order one should:
 a) log into the Online Shop,
 b) add chosen goods to the “cart,”
 c) select a payment method,
 d) confirm the order by clicking “complete order – send,”
 e) after confirming the order with “advance payment” as a payment method, one should use the “Pay” button and make a payment via the selected system of electronic payments.
3. After placing an order, an e-mail containing all data concerning the order and the order’s number will be automatically sent by e-mail to the address as specified in the order.
4. If the Customer inputs false, wrong or incomplete data, the order shall not be completed.
5. An order with “advance payment,” as a selected payment method (eCard system and bank transfer to one of the Olimp Laboratories accounts) will be fulfilled after receiving payment to one of the Olimp bank accounts.
6. Ordered goods will be dispatched as soon as possible, and no later than 4 working days after receiving payment to one of the Olimp bank accounts.
7. An order will be fulfilled on the condition that the goods are in stock. Otherwise, the customer shall be informed about the order status, and talks to determine the method of order fulfilment (waiting time extension or cancellation of the order) shall be undertaken.
8. The Customer may modify the order (by contacting the Online Shop) before the consignment is dispatched.
9. A receipt or VAT invoice will be issued (data required for VAT invoice: name of company, address and VAT Registration no.). In the event of any incorrect or false data the VAT invoice will be not issued.


1. The Customer is obliged to check the condition of a package on delivery. If the package is damaged, the Customer is obliged to notify the purveyor and contact Olimp as soon as possible. Damage of a package during transport will be considered on the basis of an application filed in the employee of a courier at a time of delivery of the package.
2. If the goods purchased by a customer or non corporate entity are defective, factory flawed or incomplete, we guarantee that we will exchange the goods for goods free from defects, on the condition that the Customer notifies Olimp about the defect within 14 working days from delivery. If the goods are out of stock, the Online Shop guarantees that the goods will be exchanged for other goods, or the Online Shop will refund the sum of the price of the goods. To clients who are not consumers art. 556-576 of the Civil Code are excluding from the application.
3. Regardless of point 2, for Clients who are consumers, in the case of defective goods, factory flawed or incomplete Client may require to have the good restored to the condition stipulated by the agreement, free of charge, i.e. to have it repaired or replaced by a new item, unless the repair or replacement are not feasible or entail excessive expenses. While estimating what constitutes excessive expenses the following factors shall be taken into account: the value of the good consistent with the agreement, the degree of discovered inconsistency, as well as any inconvenience the buyer would be forced to suffer if his claim was to be satisfied by other means.
4. If repaired or replaced by a new item is impossible or if Olimp is unable to satisfy such a claim in due time or should the repair or replacement expose the Client to appreciable inconvenience, he is entitled to require an appropriate price reduction or the withdraw from the agreement. However the Client cannot withdraw from the agreement if the inconsistency of the consumer good with the agreement is irrelevant. While determining the due repair or replacement time, the type of good and the purpose of purchase shall be taken into account.
5. The Client shall forfeit the rights stipulated by point 3 and 4 unless within a period of two months of discovering the consumer good’s inconsistency with the agreement he do not notifies Olimp thereof. This condition shall be duly fulfilled if the notice is sent to Olimp before the end of the two-month period.
6. To have the complaint acknowledged, the Customer must send the defective goods, accompanied by a statement of complaint, describing the reason for complaint, to the following address: Olimp Laboratories sp. z o.o., Nagawczyna 109c, 39-200 Dębica, Poland. The Client attached to the goods VAT invoice or receipt.
7. A complaint shall be considered within 14 days from filing a claim and the delivery of the faulty goods to Olimp.
8. Complaints should be directed to the following e-mail address: or postal address: Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o., Nagawczyna 109c, 39-200 Dębica, Poland. The complaint shall include name and quantity of the goods, full name of the Customer, number of order, and description of the reason for complaint.
9. According to the Act of March 2, 2000 on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products ( OJ 2012, pos. 1225 as amended), the Customer may withdraw from an agreement within 10 days by returning the goods in original condition. Contact with Olimp prior to the return of goods is recommended.
9a. The consumer may not to withdrawal from the distance contract in respect of contracts:
 - for the provision of services if performance has begun, with the consumer's agreement, before the end of the seven working day period referred to in art. 7.1 Act of March 2, 2000 on protection of certain consumer rights and liability for damage caused by dangerous products;
- for the supply of audio or video recordings or computer software which were unsealed by the consumer;
- for the supply of goods or services the price of which is dependent on fluctuations in the financial market which cannot be controlled by the supplier;
 - for the supply of goods made to the consumer's specifications or clearly personalized;
- for the supply of goods which, by reason of their nature, cannot be returned or are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly;
- for the supply of press;
- for gambling services.
10. If goods are returned in this way, the goods cannot show any trace of use, should be in genuine condition.
11. In case of withdrawal from the contract referred in point 9 above, the Customer is liable for fees relating to the shipment to Olimp. Whereas Olimp is liable for fees relating to the shipment to the Customer.
12. In case of returning purchased goods, the Customer will receive the refund of the price of the goods within 7 days from receipt of goods at the warehouse:
 a) in case of “cash on delivery” or advance payment via bank transfer to one of Olimp Laboratories bank accounts – to the bank account specified by the Customer in an e-mail or in the statement of complaint.
 b) in case of payment via payment card – the refund will be transferred directly to the Customer’s card.
13. If the complaint is found justified, the Customer will receive the refund of the price of the goods with delivery costs within 7 days from filing the complaint:
 a) in case of “cash on delivery,” eCard, or PayPal - to the bank account specified by the Customer in an e-mail or in the statement of complaint,
 b) in case of payment via payment card – the refund will be transferred directly to the Customer’s card.
14. Olimp shall not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage caused by inappropriate use of the ordered goods, which is not in accordance with the description and recommendations given on the product label.

1. The Clients of Online Shop pass on their personal data necessary for the realization the order and may consent to store and to process of such data for marketing and registration purposes only needs of the Online Shop. Passing by the Customer his data and consent to store and to process his data for marketing and registration purposes needs of the Online Shop is voluntary. The Customers have the right to access, correct and update their data, as well as to request that Olimp stops using the data for marketing purposes. Olimp is the administrator of the personal data.
2. Olimp Laboratories Sp. z o.o. is the sole owner of the copyright to products descriptions, images and all other materials on the Online Shop website. Pursuant to the Act of 4 February 1994 on Copyright and Related Rights, any copying, reproduction, dissemination (in part or total) of descriptions and images placed on the website, without prior written agreement of Olimp, will be treated as a violation of copyright by Olimp.


1. The content of the Online Shop does not constitute an offer under Civil Code.
2. Olimp reserves the right to alter this Regulations. New Regulations shall come into force after 14 days from publication on website
3. We have made every effort to make our Online Shop functional and user-friendly. However, in case of any problems with our Online Shop, below we present the most important information and rules that will help you to do the shopping in our Online Shop.

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